...'Therefore do not try to see a traditional or aestetical artist in the works of David Trullo, as he is not so. His work joins the art that makes representation a battleground in the History of western thought and culture. Art which is affected and inspired in the political issues which we live, and where subjects like prejudice, intolerance, religion, gender, desire, beauty or pain become vindicative flags in his photographs. And this is so because for David Trullo beauty is a political weapon, and there is no contradiction in his being a 'classical' artist; he has situated himself in a position in Contemporary Art from the remains of the History of Art. If his works look into the past it is just to transform History and rebuild our future'.

Vigo, March de 2007


'Saviour Saved'  2007  digital print on canvas 100 x 100 cm each



'Food of Love' 2007 Photographic installation    framed colour photographs , 65 x 65 cm