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´We do not look at photographs to remember, but to be happy or unhappy´ Roland Barthes

After years of collecting found, lost or rejected photographs, mainly from discarded family albums, I started Orphan Photo to explore the relationship between people and their personal albums, the way they build their past through images or choose what to remember and what is worth keeping a record of.

Orphan Photo also intends to deal with issues like the role of photography in a domestic level, the role of the author, and the claim for quality and intention in Contemporary (photography based) Art.

Orphan Photo is an interactive project through an exchange of personal photographs from the viewer and orphan ones. The exhibition in the gallery is a way of spreading and marketing the project, as in a non-government organization.

The work exhibited comprises a file of the found photographs, describing in an archive-like way where they were found, possible origin and technical data; a file of the correspondence with Orphan Photo members, people that send personal photos in exchange of an Orphan Photo they are supposed to adopt in their personal albums.

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